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Wet Floors

In the domestic market wet floors are often referred to as wet rooms and they generally comprise of a graded tile floor with a gully trap located within the designated showering area.

In our special needs market they are referred to as wet floor areas, and in essence, they are the same as the wet room.  However, slip resistant vinyl flooring is used to give the client sure footing, or to ensure wheelchairs don’t slip, and is coved up the wall to provide a water tight membrane.

Our range of Flowaway wet floor bases come in a variety of sizes and remove the task of having to form a graded floor.

Flowaway Flowaway

Our Flowaway range of wet floor formers come in a variety of sizes.

Flowaway 22 Flowaway 22

Our Flowaway 22 range is 22mm thick and do not feature a ply rebate.