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The Tay is the ideal solution for concrete or screeded floors, where excavation is not possible. The Tay, like all our shower trays, comes with our fully transferable lifetime guarantee.

The Tay sits on top of the floor and has an above floor drainage system with a 1½” side outlet. The 65mm step provides walk-in access and can be combined with a ramp for easier access. The waste outlet of the Tay lies above the floor level, allowing the tray to be installed on concrete without the requirement to excavate the floor.

Key Benefits

  • 65mm profile offers step-in access
  • Above floor waste outlet can be used with ashower waste pump
  • Easy to level - 6mm offset base makes shortwork of uneven floors
  • Graded straight ramp available
  • Self supporting structural design - minimises bedding material
  • Supplied with TRSH10 as standard
  • A proven slip resistant tread pattern which is kind on sensitive feet

Technical Details

The tray is available in the following size:

  • 1200 x 700mm

Tay Tay Tay