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Standard Kits

The original automatic shower drain kit with proven reliability is now combined with low speed pump settings and Whale Whisper gulley options.

Key Benefits

  • Adjustable pump speed settings designed to suit Electric and Mixer Shower installations
  • Integrated flow switch and filter
  • Wet floor kit includes Whale Whisper gulley
  • High performance. Draws 3 metres from gulley. Lifts 0.5 metre. Pumps up 1 metre
  • Flexible installation options. Small pump and transformer will fit into tight spaces – e.g. airing cupboard
  • Free 5 Year Warranty once the product has been registered with Whale

Technical Details

  1. Flow Switch turns on when water flows to shower
  2. The Flow Switch activates the Whale transformer
  3. Speed settings designed to suit electric and mixer showers


The following kits are available:

  • BP1578 Automatic Wet Floor Gulley Kit
  • BP1558B Automatic Tray Gulley Kit


For mixer shower installations an additional flow switch is required (AK1570)


Standard Kits
Standard Kits Standard Kits Standard Kits Standard Kits