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Curtain Rails

We manufacture a range of L-shaped, U-shaped and straight curtain rails.  In addition to the standard sizes that we supply, we can manufacture bespoke rails to suit almost any size you may require.

Key Benefits

  • The new "rail-to-post support bracket" acts as an interfacing arm to hold the vertical support post and curtain rail together.  It replaces the outdated and cumbersome boomerang bracket.
  • Our innovative "top hat " component ensures that the rail & curtain are fitted at the correct height, avoiding any trip hazards on the tray's surface.  It allows the curtain rail to be slid into place, ensuring correct spacing and an easy installation.
  • Adjustable wall brackets, allowing compensation for out-of-square walls or installation at the incorrect height.
  • Our curtain rails come supplied with a drop rod to provide ceiling support.  Extended drop rods are available to suit high ceilings.

Technical Details

L-shaped rails

We supply white coated aluminium L-shaped curtain rails as standard with our door options, and we can supply replacement or standalone rails.  All rails come complete with relevant fixings.


U-shaped rails

When an L-shaped rail is not suitable, our U-shaped rails are ideal.  Great for avoiding obstacels, such as windows or door frames.


Straight rails

Supplied as standard with our 3-wall door options, and ideal for installation in alcoves.


We can manufacture rails to almost any size you require.

Curtain Rails
Curtain Rails Curtain Rails Curtain Rails Curtain Rails