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Pumped Drainage

Gravity drainage is not always an option when fitting a level access shower base or wet floor base system.

Adaptocare’s range of automatic shower drain pump kits are designed to remove waste water from the shower trays to the waste pipe where there is no access to a gravity drain.  They can be used with all types of tray: conventional, level access or side exit.

Made by Whale, our pumps meet all European standards and carry the CE mark.  They offer proven reliability, with over 100,000 systems installed throughout the UK, and need no regular maintenance.  All our pumps are virtually unblockable and can pump hair, gels, grit, and other shower waste.  The three non-return valves also prevent odours escaping from the waste pipe.

Standard Kits Standard Kits

The original automatic shower drainage kit.

Instant Match Instant Match

Reduces noise by matching the pump speed to the flow of the Mira Advance Extra.

Spares & Accessories Spares & Accessories