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Instant Match

To minimise gulley suction noise the Whale Instant Match uses a bluetooth signal sent from the Mira Advance Extra to automatically adjust the pump speed in relation to the flow rate of the shower.

Key Benefits

  • No set-up required – plug and play
  • Variable Pump Speed tracks the flow rate of the Mira Advance Extra
  • No flow sensor / flow switch to fit
  • Whale wet floor Whisper Gulley included as standard
  • Free 5 Year Warranty once the product has been registered with Whale

Technical Details

  1. Internal Shower Flow Sensor measures the flow rate going to the shower head
  2. The flow rate information is sent via a cable to the Whale Instant Match Transformer
  3. Whale Instant Match Transformer increases and decreases the speed of the pump dependent on the shower flow rate
  4. Matches pump speed to the shower flow rate.  Ensures that gulley suction noise is minimised


The following kits are available:

  • SDP134T Whale Instant Match Kit


Instant Match
Instant Match Instant Match Instant Match Instant Match Instant Match