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At Adaptocare we are committed to ensuring that the nature, scale and environmental impact of our organisation’s activities, products or services show continual improvement to prevent pollution.  Where possible we source our raw materials locally, while ensuring we receive the quality required for our high tech systems.  Our products are manufactured using 95% recyclable materials, and the resin transfer moulding (RTM) process that produces our shower trays greatly reduces the harmful fumes emitted into the environment compared to the high emissions generated by open mould production.

We are dedicated to using processes that allow us to recycle waste material in our production.  Currently, we are using a solvent reclaimer to reuse our acetone, and a plastic granulator to recycle off-cuts and trimmings from our tray production.  We use this recycled material to fill out our range of plinths and ramps.

The efficiencies of our innovations in lean manufacturing have been recognised in reducing carbon footprint.  Furthermore, we ensure the majority of our scrap office paper is recycled and we take part in a scheme that ensures money earned from the recycling of our print cartridges goes to a local charity.  We believe in investing in technologies that allow us to create innovative and better products, but not to the detriment of the planet.